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Janske Lazne

The spa is locatedin the area of the Giant Mountains National Park in the altitude of 670 m at the foot of BlackMountain (1300 m). It is also a Sport and Recreation Tourist-Centre of theGiant Mountains. The warm spring under the Black Mountain was, according to thechronicle, discovered in 1006 by Jan von Chockov and it carries his name.


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Janske Lazne

The first historicalrecord in the country map of property dates back to 1300 and it was the familyof Sibersteiner which was registered as the owner. In the subsequent history ofthe spa you can find names like Albrecht von Waldstein or Jan Adolf Schwarzenbergwho significantly contributed to the development of the spa. Another importantand remarkable event was the visit of Crown prince Rudolf, the successor of theAustrian throne. The local Rudolf-valley was named after him and has this nameup to now.

In 1867 the JanskeLazne became an independent municipality and experienced a further development.In the 20-ies of the last century, it was proved that the local springs havesimilar composition like the Warm Springs in Georgia in the United States and theystarted to serve also here for the treatment of paralysis (especially theinfantile paralysis) and thus made Janske lazne the world-famous spa town. Thespa has continued in this tradition with modern infrastructure of the spahouses and thermal pool till today.

Healing springs:

Thermal water - the Jan and the Black springs at a temperature of 27°C. One large and one small swimming pool is refilled with this water. In the smaller pool, the water is heated to the temperature of 36°C.

Healing methods:

Physiotherapy, physical therapy (Bio-lamp), magnetic therapy, paraffin wraps, massages, oxygen therapy, balneotherapy (in thermal pools), ergotherapy.


Diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system and nervous-muscle disorders.

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