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The popular spa town Luhacovice is located in northern Moravia, about 20 km southeast of Zlin in a valley at a height of at least 250 m above sea level. The eastern and south-eastern area of ??the spa is part of the nature conservation area White Carpathians. The importance of this area is connected to a 300-year-old traditional healing method that gives the place a unique atmosphere. An exceptional spa building architecture is work of the famous Slowak architect Dusan Jurkovic. He was inspired for his works by the ethnic architecture of Wallachia.

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A number of famous people, like the Czech composer Leos Janacek, visited the most beautiful Moravian spa Luhacovice. The unique spa architecture along with beautiful parks and a variety of springs and fountains makes Luhacovice to a pearl among the Moravian spas.

Healing springs:

The base of the spa treatment is the use of natural mineral springs and the local climate in combination with modern healing and rehabilitation methods. In the area of Luhacovice arise 16 carbonic hydroxide and sodium chloride springs and one sulfur spring. The mineral water contains cations-rich sodium, calcium and magnesium in small amounts and anions-rich chlorine, carbon dioxide, bromine, and iodine as well as carbon dioxide. The temperature of the springs is between 10 °C and 12 °C. The most famous springs are Vincentka, Aloiska, Ottovka and Dr. Stastny source.

Healing methods:

Mineral water drinking cure, mineral spa, inhalations, whirlpool, whirlpool and Hubbard baths, foot baths, Scottish injections, steam and hot-air baths, classic, reflex and underwater massage, galvanic baths, four-chamber baths, short-wave and micro-wave Diatermie, ultrasound, Solux, paraffin packs, gas injections, Vasotrain, magnetic therapy, sauna, therapeutic exercise (in groups or individually), water aerobics, terrain therapy.


Oncological diseases, diseases of the blood circulation, digestive disorders, metabolic disorders, diabetes and obesity, respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, painful tendons and neck injuries, rheumatism, painful spinal syndromes.

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